Spilled Milk 35

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Spilled Milk 35
Spilled Milk

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Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect. The world is yours to make into what you want it to be, and what you need it to be to live the happiest and best life.


0:01 Above & Beyond vs. Andrew Bayer – Immortal Mariana (Milk Mash)
5:45 Ferry Corsten, Ilan Bluestone – We’re Not Going Home
10:17 Lana Del Ray vs. Bart Skils – Summertime Sadness vs. Ocean Drive (Gabriel & Dresden Mashup)
14:11 Gabriel & Dresden vs. Myon – Only Divided Road (Milk Mash – Myon Remake)
18:25 Thomas Mengel – Pelagos
22:58 Third Party, Denise Rivera, Cosmic Gate – Like This Body of Conflict (Cosmic Gate Mashup)
27:06 Dalero & Zuubi vs Aresz vs Jason Ross – I Will Be Coasting at Eleven Tonight (Milk Mash)
31:22 Myon – Perfect Ghost (ft. Alissa Fuedo)
36:45 Cosmic Gate – Be Your Sound (ft. Emma Hewitt) [Ilan Bluestone Remix]
41:15 Mat Zo & Arty vs. Bart Claessen – Elf / Rebound
47:15 Andrew Bayer – Once Lydian
51:55 Gabriel & Dresden – You (ft. Jan Burton) [Myon & Elevven Extended Mix]
56:40 Jason Ross vs. Above & Beyond – Northern Days (ft. Richard Bedford) [Milk Mash]

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